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  • A Symposium On China’s Peaceful Reunification By Overseas Chinese Community Leaders From 9 European Nations    2002/6/12
  • Deputy governor of He longjiang Province met with DCCC Business Delegation Headed by its President    2001/9/28
  • Deputy Governor of Ji Lin Province Met With DCCC Delegation Headed by Hu Zhiguang    2001/9/28
  • Deputy governor of He longjiang Province met with DCCC Business Delegation Headed by its President    2001/9/26
  • DCCC Delegation Visits Canton     2001/9/24
  • Warm Invitations---CNICA’s Publicity Activity Abroad On The 6th WCEC    2001/6/25
  • After Jing shuping’s visit to the Netherlands ----European Chinese Businessmen Actively Expressed Desires to participate in the 6th WCEC    2001/6/25
  • A Patriotic Chinese From The Bottom Of His Heart    2001/6/15
  • DCCC delegation visits Lu Wan District of Shanghai    2001/6/7
  • Dutch Chinese Held A Symposium On “Fighting For Promotion of Unification And Against Independence Of Taiwan”    2001/5/21
  • The Netherlands Would Send Large Delegation to China to Join the World Chinese Entrepreneurs Convention    2001/4/29
  • Jilin 0verseas Friendship Association and the DCCC    2000/12/11
  • China Will Hold Its First Trade Fair On The Internet    2000/6/2
  • Euro Chinese Network’s Provides Service on Business Trip To Europe    2000/3/15
  • DCCC and SiChuan 0verseas Friendship Association    2000/2/11
  • Zhejiang CCPIT Deputy Director Meets DCCC President    2000/1/25
  • Hu Zhiguang , A Patriot Chinese in the Netherlands     2000/1/15
  • CPPCC Deputy Chairman Met With DCCC Delegation To China    1999/11/4
  • GOFA’s Friendly Relations With Overseas Organizations    1999/10/30
  • Hague Saw the Birth Of Dutch China Chamber of Commerce     1999/10/18
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