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The Dutch Chinese Chamber of Commerce Held a Consultant Forum

On the night of September 2nd 2004, the Dutch Chinese Chamber of Commerce held in Hague a consultant forum where a consultant engagement ceremony was also held.

In the early days of this year, the DCCC elected the third council and a new leading group, at the same time, the DCCC also engaged ambassador Xue Hanqin, from the Embassy of People’s Republic of China in the Kingdom of Netherlands as the chamber’s honorary chairman, counsellor Zheng Huaisheng, from the Economic and Commercial Counsellor’s Office of the Embassy of People’s Republic of China in the Kingdom of Netherlands as the chamber’s honorary deputy chairman. On the original foundation, the DCCC also newly engaged some Dutch members of Congress as consultants.
At present, the consultative group of the DCCC include one incumbent European Union’s congressman, six Dutch members of Congress, two mayors, one former European Union’s congressman, one former stadholder, one previous internal affairs chief and three celebrities in the Dutch commercial circle and Dutch Chinese circle.

At the beginning of this meeting, after made a recent work report to these consultants, the chairman group of the DCCC had also listened carefully to the affirmative opinions and suggestions from these consultants. Chairman Hu Zhiguang said in his speech that since the DCCC was founded, it had received care, support and help from both the Dutch and Chinese government, friends from commercial circle and our own colleges. All these helped the DCCC become the key link for both the two countries’trade in a few years. Mr. Hu specially pointed that the honorary chairman, the honorary deputy chairman and members of the consultant group had played a very important role and made great contributions to the development of the chamber. On behalf of all members of the chamber, so chairman Hu expressed deeply thanks and hoped can continually get supports and attention from them, thereby push the chamber forward to play a more important role in two countries’s trade area.

Counselor Li Shiqi delivered a warm speech in the meeting on the behalf of the Embassy of People’s Republic of China in the Kingdom of Netherlands, he highly valued the achievements of the DCCC in recent years and hoped the chamber can attain more brilliant achievements.

The consultants accepted the letter of appointment on the forum include: congressman V.Tjon A Ten, congressman Nirmala Rambocus, former Dutch Internal Affairs Chief H.A.A. Molleman,mayor J.B. Waaijer of Zoetermeer, mayor Ho Ten soeng of Venhuizen, Mr. Van der Feer, vice president of NFIA and the famous overseas Chinese leader, Ye Shishun.

After the meeting, chairman Hu Zhiguang, vice chairman Huangyue, vice chairman Hu Fucai, vice chairman Hu Kexun, vice chairman Xu Zhuya, vice chairman Liu Yongsheng, vice chairman Hu Zhimin, vice chairman Yang Jinhua, vice chairman Feng Shouru, Xu Gang, Lin Shengjuan, Wang Yunli, Hu Lansheng, Qian Fucai, Chen Changgui and so on had supper with the guests. The other honored guests also included Sun Weidong, the director of the Consular Department of .the Embassy of People’s Republic of China in the Kingdom of Netherlands and the first secretary Qin Jiande.

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