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DCCC 2006 First Summit Conference of Cooperation Stratagem on China - Foreign Corporation

DCCC 2006 First Summit Conference of Cooperation Stratagem on China - Foreign Corporation

Communication Cooperation Development



utch Chinese Chamber of Commerce (DCCC) has been established on 8th Sep1999. DCCC is a professional commercial organization with Multi-functions Corporation of folk and half official. In the knowledge that the Chinese-Dutch communications of economics and trade would become more and more extensive and that the Chinese expatriates?economics would undergo a structural change.

At present, the functions and responsibilities of DCCC is set foot on higher level, because DCCC is never stop for development and grandness. And the operation areas is look on the world wide not only localization between with China and Netherlands. DCCC has the prominent consummation for large-scale international business forum and the meeting of negotiation. In recent years, DCCC has been three times for organize Sino-Europe invest in business forum and many times for invite business and attract investment activities. Simultaneity, DCCC has been arrange nearly thirty visit group come form Europe as Netherlands, Germany, UK, Canada, they come for business, government affair and industry research. We are accelerate Chinese corporation get the mint order form and keep a well relationship with foreign trader, and we make the cooperation contract for more than one hundred corporation already.

Now, DCCC organizing 2006 First Summit Conference of Cooperation Stratagem on China - Foreign Corporation on 11th Jan 2006, it is for advance the communion and union on China-Foreign Corporation.

Institution and corporation will attendance:

Ministry of commerce of China

Ministries and commissions of China

Business Association of China

China council for the promotion of international trade

Chinese famous corporation

Foreign Embassy in China

Foreign famous corporation in China

Foreign chamber of commerce

International finance service institution

Dccc waiting for you take part in this summit conference on 11th Jan especially.   

                                           Dutch Chinese Chamber Of Commerce

                                                   27th Nov 2006

Arrangement of DCCC 2006 First Summit Conference of Cooperation Stratagem on China - Foreign Corporation

11th Jan 2006 (总部的地址)


Conference sign in            DCCC speech          Take group photo

Speech by Mr. Xu Zhuoya (Vice-president of DCCC)

Speech by Embassy   (Several) 

Part one:Trading policy lecture


Topic of lecture


Mr.Hu Jingyan (Trading Department)

1To build a promoting system for service and trade in accordance with market economy requirement

2.To Step into the outside world—a kind of political economy assistance


Mr. Song Heping (Director General of Property Damage Research Dept.)

1. A barrier (anti-dump, anti-allowance, and preventing measures etc.)and respond of international trade in case of high-incidence season of trade confliction

2. Establishment and perfection of the damage-precaution system in our country after joining in WTO completely

3.Influence and effect from implementation of trade-relieving measures to domestic industry

Abroad Business Service Center of Chinese Corporation

locale consultation)

3.To provide China corporations with free political information, law guidance and complaint-accepting service


China Council For The Promotion of International Trade(CCPIT) Machinery Sub-Council(MSC) China Chamber of International Commerce(CCOIC) Machinery Chamber of Commerce(MCC)

Mr. Zhou Weidong (President)

1. How could an accessory-producing enterprise upgrade its studying-level and technology level of a product

2. How to produce massively and to pace into a international accessory-purchasing system

3. How to strengthen competing capability and to enlarge occupancy of the international market

Morgan Stanley  Mr. He Ning

1.Investing tendency of foreign fund

2.To resolve difficulties troubling medium-sized and small-sized enterprises

3.Analysis of financing situation encountered by medium-sized and small-sized enterprises at present

Part two: Stratagem for going to world wide

Dutch Chinese Chamber of Commerce 

Mr. Xu Zhuoya  (Vice-President)

A chamber’s role in promoting strategic cooperation of mutual trade

Europe China Trade Centre 

Holland China Town

Advancing strategy of the foreign market

West-Holland Foreign Investment Agency

Analysis of demand and investing situation in the domestic market, as well as in the foreign market

Part three: Recommendation on Investment Locality of China and Overseas

Development Zone of Macedonia / Development Zone of  Bengal

Development Zone of China

Part four: Business Information Promulgate

Bilateral purchasing, Investment, Technology let.

Part five; Dinner party

DCCC hold limit of alteratio


Invitation Confirming Form for Guests

Beijing Headquarter Lecture Hall

2006-01-11, 8:30 AM (free in charge)

Name of Company


Service Field




Post Code


Principal of Corporation






Number of Presenting Personnel


Link Man


Tel No


Fax No









Tel No

Mob No
















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Link Man: Liu Yixin    Director of Foreign Affairs Dept

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