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23rd, July, 2006  the whole day for registering     location: Beijing


24th, July, 2006      8:00 to 8:30 a.m. for entrance   location: Beijing

8:30 to 9:00 a.m. for the group photo


9:00   Open ceremony      Subject: General Market Progressing and Sino-Europe Economy and Trade Corporation



Oration: by Wang Maolin: the Deputy of the Law committee of Chinese Congress

                         the Principal of Chinese International MNC Seminar

           By Toine Maandes: EU MPs



Emcee in the plan: Yang Hong


Honorable guests to lecture in the plan

Mariea Martenst :How to Deal With Trade Dispute and Treat with International Economic and Political Relationship.

Chen Zuming: Sino-European Relationship in Later WTO Period

Van der Feer:Hong Kong of Europe-----Holland

Ju Hongzhen: the Rubber Industry and Friction in Dutch Trade

Roy HoTenSoeng :the Position of Holland in EU.

Delegate of Hua Wei Corporation: the First Chinese Telecommunication Operator Stepping into Europe----Hua Wei Mode

Delegate of corporations: TV of China, TV of World


24th,July, 2006    12:00 in day time for lunch     Location: Beijing

13:00  conference in parallel (content is to be set)


Emcee in the plan:


Honorable guests to lecture:


Du Yuzhou: Chinese Textile Benefiting both China and Europe


Leerdam:the Factory for the World----China


Jing Xuecheng: China General Market Progress and Sino-European Economy and Trade Corporation


Tjon A Tan:China in European Eyes (content is to be set)


Question time for corporation


14:30 p.m.  break


24th,July, 2006    15:00 p.m.     negotiation starts, processed in arranged turn


15:00 vice-chairman of DCCC, Yang Hong, introduces purchase companies and purchasing trends.

Chinese corporations makes self-introduction, recommends and shows the products

Purchase companies negotiate with suppliers. 


25th,July, 2006    8:00 a.m.    the negotiation resumes     location: Beijing




8:00 to 12:00 a.m. purchase companies communicates and negotiate with suppliers, processed in arranged turn

12:00 end

5th, July, 2006    12:00 in day time   for lunch    location: Beijing


After 13:00 p.m.   run freely or arrange to investigate corporations

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