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EU MPs—Consultant and Investigation Delegation of DCCC

Draft for news about the third trip to China

With the globalization of the world economy, the universality of regional economy, and the fast development of Sino-Europe trade and economy, Dutch Chinese Chamber of Commerce constantly has been learning from experience of organizing activities. In order to promote the development of Sino-European economy, and expand the space for Sino-European economy, DCCC recently began to plan the third Sino-Europe Forum of Hotspot on Trade and Investment  & Commerce Negotiations of 2006, which will receive a huge delegates numbered more than 20 people including EU MPs, Dutch councilors, investors,  financiers, entrepreneurs, lawyers, and people from the press.

Since established, DCCC has successfully organized 2 “EU MPs—DCCC investigation Delegation,?and has organized a series of professional commercial negotiations, and purchase conferences, which enabled many European countries to hold extensive communication with Chinese companies in all aspects and levels. Such frequent contact has deepened the mutual understanding and communication among all industries in different levels from different European countries. In this way, we prevented and reduced many bilateral trade conflicts and frictions. And the most important thing is: we have harvested a great amount of bilateral and multilateral trade and economy cooperation.

On dumping case and labor market: DCCC organized EU MPs to visit Guangzhou Baiyun vocational School and Guangzhou Dongchuan vegetable market and let them learn that China’s vocational training had become consummate system, that many people had mastered some skills before they go to work, and that the product’s quality of Chinese goods are authenticated by the government with national standard. Then, the foreign guests developed a new understanding of China’s damping case and know that Chinese high quality products didn’t sell in the manner of dumping because the products are made via highly skilled labors.

Through this forum, DCCC will introduce European advanced science and technology, culture, and knowledge to China, and strengthen Sino-Europe communication in aspects of technology, culture, and intellectual property, so that they will get complementary effects.

To further explore European trade and cooperation market, DCCC organized EU MPs to visit and investigate South Flower Market in Guangzhou Huadu District, which impressed them very much and make them see the huge potential of Chinese market, and also increased their confidence to extend Chinese market, with the feeling that their trade cooperation with China would have a vast developing space.

Through long time testing, Chinese Medicine and traditional Chinese doctors, china’s treasure, have been proved to be eco-friendly, poison less, and low price, which can cure all illnesses of human kind. In aspects of Chinese medicine and Bird influenza, we organized EU MPs to investigate poultry clinic of Guangdong agriculture academy. After our introduction and demonstration, the EU MPs learned the magical effect of Chinese medicine. They showed great admiration for Chinese medicine level after seeing the effect of Chinese medicine in Bird flu prevention and knowing China’s high technology. Having visited National administration office of Chinese medicine, Guanganmen Traditional Chinese hospitals, and Chinese medicine factories, they have gained a scientific and clear understanding of Chinese medicine and showed interest. And these MPs said that such good medicine and technology will be popular in the world without doubt. Such direct effect has left a deep impression on these MPs and changed their minds, setting up a sound base for Chinese medicine to enter the world market. Therefore, DCCC has really played a role in publicizing and communicating among the civilian world.

In recent years, DCCC has constantly organized delegations to investigate and visit China and enable all parts to realize that communication creates value. In these activities as forums and discussions, all parts from China and Europe found a common sense for mutual gaining, which means harmony, development and profit. During these years, DCCC has made substantial contributions to promoting investment and trade of China and Europe, which is recognized and praised by all our clients.

The president of DCCC Mr. Hu Zhiguang, followed by a EU MPs—DCCC consultant and investigation delegation, will leave Holland on 21st,July 2006 for china and visit China for the third time on 2nd,August. Then these people will attend Sino-Europe Forum of Hotspot on Trade and Economy & Commercial Negotiations organized by DCCC in Beijing. After that, they will visit many other provinces to investigate, to make friends and to expand business.

This delegation trip to china organized by DCCC is worth your expectation, your attendance and your attention to the new idea, model, chance and success for Sino-Europe bilateral and multilateral cooperation gestated in it!

We are looking forward to cooperating with all friends both at home and from abroad!       


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