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The Third Forum of Hotspot on Trade and Investment and Commerce Negotiations (2006)

Subject: general market progressing and Sino-European corporation of economy and trade

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China’s Marketing Process & Sino-European Trade and Economy Cooperation 

The third Sino-European Forum of Hotspot on Investment and Trade & Commerce negotiations of 2006 will take place in Beijing, 23-25, July, and is organized by Dutch Chinese Chamber of commerce.

More than 50 honorable guests from Europe, led by the President of Dutch Chinese Chamber of Commerce Hu Zhiguang , will come to this meeting. They include EU MPs, Dutch councilor, Mayors and governors, investors, financiers, entrepreneurs, and people from the press.

We have the honor to invite Deputy of the Law Committee of Chinese Congress Wang Maolin, special consultant of Chinese Council for the Promotion of Trade, President of Chinese Market institute Yu xiaosong to give their excellent speeches among our meeting.

The topic of our meeting is about China’s Marketing Processing & Sino-European Trade and Economy Cooperation. At the meeting, Guests from both China and foreign countries will have thorough discussions about China’s marketing process after WTO and the trade and economic cooperation between China and Europe to get deeper communication and mutual understanding. They will also discuss the problems that may emerge from bilateral/multilateral trade between china and European countries, and seek for preventative and solving solutions for them.

The mission of Sino-Europe Forum of Hotspot on Trade and Investment is to interpret economic and trade policy of Sino-European investment, to guide the direction of trade and investment, to expand Sino-Europe investment and trade market, to promote regional cooperation and development of investment and local economy. At this meeting, we will invite high profile guests such as EU MPs, MPs of European countries, provincial and municipal officials, European press experts, as well as professional purchasers, investors, project partners and entrepreneurs. Representatives from the Chinese part will be: people from government institutions at all levels and from different areas, economically emerging zone, academic field, commercial associations, lawyer’s office, banks, companies, press persons, and intermediate institutions. Through this meeting, we offer all presenting corporations from Europe and china a great chance to get a face-to-face, point –to –point mutual investigation, understanding and discussion.

In order to promote the influence and efficiency of this meeting and help our guests gain more, this meeting will coincide with commercial negotiation meeting. Thus, this meeting will not only include high-level theoretical discussions, but also substantial commercial progress.

The Sino-Europe forum of Hotspot on Investment and Trade & Commerce Negotiations organized by Dutch Chinese Chamber of Commerce offers a very attracting and success-oriented commercial chance to every field, every enterprise, and every area from China and abroad. It is fostering the shortcut for the Chinese and foreign businessmen to obtain mutual winning and development.

We are dedicated to forging an influential international trade and investment forum of China, and become the platform for mutual communication among high level trades and investment officials from various countries, fields, and circles. We organize this meeting for people from China and all European countries. As usual, we will make this meeting a special, and lasting forum for high level staff to carry out communication, and discuss about investment project.

The activities such as trade and investment forums, field feature discussions organized by DCCC have been all satisfied by our partners. Every meeting is successful and fruitful for our guests, thus it promote the cooperation rate between the attendants. Through our effort, all our friends have gained a lot. DCCC would like to share the joy of cooperation with our partners from China and abroad, both in the past and in the future!               

Dutch Chinese Chamber of commerce would like to show our warmest welcome and most sincere thanks to all our friends through media, with our best wishes! Let us be friends from now on, and forever!

   Our friends come from all over the world!

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