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The Third Sino-Europe Forum of Hotspot on Trade and Investment & Commerce Negotiations of 2006

Subject: The General Market Progressing and Sino-European Cooperation of Economy and Trade

Time: July 23rd to July 25th in 2006

Location: Beijing


Ladies and Gentlemen,

Dutch Chinese chamber of Commerce, hereinafter (DCCC), from the time of its establishment, has been devoting itself to promoting the common development of Sino-Europe economy and trade, investment, and region economy, which really has done lots of practical efforts for people in both China and European countries. And it has become the bridge of communication between China and Europe.


China office is the unique organization of DCCC in China, and is the communication pivot of business between China and Dutch. In recent two years, it has received visits of nearly 30 groups for business, investigation and tour from EU and has successfully undertaken ten times of “Foreign Purchase and Investment Negotiation?continually; and has held twice “Sino-European Forum of hotspot on investment and trade? It has received the visit of the investment groups, which include the Member of Parliament (MP) of Europe Union (EU) and the consultants of DCCC. So we will do our best to make the Sino-Europe Forum of Hotspot on Investment and Trade characteristic, famous, permanent for the high level communication between China and Europe, and economic and trade projects.

DCCC is going to hold the Sino-Europe Forum of Hotspot on Investment and Trade in Beijing from July 23rd to July 25th in 2006. The subject is about The General Market progressing and Sino-European Cooperation of Economy and Trade. And we sincerely invite you to present the meeting.

The goal of the third Sino-Europe Forum of Hotspot on Investment and Trade is to make understanding of the policy of Sino-Europe economy and trade, to guide the trade and investment, and to promote the development and cooperation of regional economy. We will invite EU MPS, Councilors of Dutch, officers of province’s government in Dutch, and more than 50 delegates of purchasers, investors and system associates and the likes from Europe, and hundreds of delegates of local government, academe, chamber of commerce, bank, corporation and agency and the likes from China. We will provide Sino-European businessmen with opportunities to see about, understand Chinese Corporation, and promote to negotiate through face-to-face communication and point-to-point touch. And we practically arrange and depth-regulated negotiation makes the rate of successful business increase a lot, meanwhile it solves the problems which holdback Chinese corporation to understand the foreign corporation because of lack of communication. In recent years, owing to the face-to-face negotiation between China and Europe, the volume of business transaction has been up to hundreds millions US dollars.  

The Forum of hotspot on Investment and Trade held by DCCC provides the appealing opportunity to succeed for each presenting corporation, which makes your corporation progress into foreign field, and turns out to be the crosscut for your success. So without hesitatation, please join us, and enter the highway to success early.  

In order to raise efficiency and influence of the forum, and provide more to presenting corporation, the forum will be held with the commercial negotiation, offering communication of theory, as well as making practical progress in commerce. During the period, please show your goods, and clear your trends of investment and market development, and prepare completely. Therefore, each corporation presenting the forum will gain the goal.

Wish your great success in the forum!





The President of the conference:

Hu Zhiguang: the president of DCCC


Special consultant:

Yu Xiaosong: Special consultant of Chinese Council for the Promotion of Trade,

President of Chinese Market institute

         Wang Maolin: Deputy of the Law Committee of Chinese Congress

                                        Principal of Chinese international MNC Seminar


Sponsor Company:

the Dutch Chinese Chamber of Commerce


Assistant Companies: 

Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries China international MNC seminar


Supporting Media:


China Business Telecommunication Web, China Web, Hui Tong Web (, Sina Web (, International


Undertaking Companies:


            The China Office of the Dutch Chinese Chamber of Commerce

               Century Dutch Chinese Investment and Adversary Co. Ltd

               Hui Tong Web




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